Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Art Adventures in North and East London

Last Thursday I visited the Whitechapel Gallery with my artist friend Nao for the first time in the five years I have lived in London. We walked the scenic route via Brick Lane from the Victoria Miro Gallery in Islington. Both exhibitions were great for very different reasons. By far my favourite was the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Miro.

Firstly, the Kusama exhibition at the Victoria Miro Gallery at 16 Wharf Road, Islington. A collection of Kusama's paintings and infinity room installations that were commisioned for the space. It is free and showing until the 30th July. It is definitely worth a visit but be prepared for queues.

Yayoi Kusama - The Chandelier of Grief
Yayoi Kusama - Where the Lights in My Heart Go 
Yayoi Kusama - All the Eternal Love I have for Pumpkins
Yayoi Kusama - All the Eternal Love I have for Pumpkins
Yayoi Kusama - All the Eternal Love I have for Pumpkins
The scenic route via Brick Lane was a fun experience. I love the atmosphere and diversity in this part of London. Here are a few photos of mad graffiti, fly-posting and stencils.

Our final destination was the Mary Heilmann exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery at Aldgate East.
The intense and sometimes minimal canvases and mini sculptures were bold in colour. The following paintings are a collection of my favourites but the colour was not quite on the same saturation level of John Hoyland (which I saw in April) or Mark Rothko. This exhibition is free and runs until the 21st August.


  1. Sounds like a great arty day out. Those pumpkins look quite spectacular!

    1. Hi Alex, yes it was great! It is wonderful what you can fit into a long summer evening!