Saturday, 18 June 2016

Meal Prepping Healthy Lunches

I take a home-made lunch to work everyday. A while ago (when I was addicted to Instagram) a friend mentioned that there was a 'movement' out there called #mealprep or #mealprepping.

There are people all around the world in the kitchen (usually) on a Sunday night meal prepping their lunches for the week #sundaymealprep.

I thought it would be interesting to photograph my lunches to get involved in the #mealprep movement. Enjoy images of my lunches over a 12-week period.

Turkey or chicken based lunches:

Boiled Egg based lunches:

Home-made baked beans:


I generally base my lunch on some form of protein first; usually turkey, chicken, eggs or baked beans.
I then add fresh salad ranging from avocado, cress, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, green beans, radishes, celery, grated carrot and spinach.
Depending on the week I have ahead I will add carbohydrates like quinoa, sweet potatoes or oat-cakes.
The next ingredients are for extra flavour or texture like olives, pickled gherkins, sauerkraut, pomegranate, fresh mint, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, chilli flakes, mustard or smoked paprika.

As for the snacks I usually aim for fruit with yoghurt or rice-cakes and turkey. More time-consuming snacks such as oat-flour pancakes are for special occasions or lovely strawberry chia-seed jam. If anybody is interested in how I made the pancakes / chia jam / baked beans let me know in the comments and I can do a separate post about it.

All these food photos have made me hungry so I'm off to eat some breakfast!
Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Wow what a healthy diet. I eat well but I eat granary bread - because I love it! Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo. Yeah, it does seem to look rather healthy! I do have a weakness for dark chocolate - you have to have some balance in life though don't you agree?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Louise. I will be prepping my lunches for the week ahead this evening as usual. Not sure what's going in those tubs yet but definitely more of the above!