Saturday, 27 February 2016

Teaching Classes at Ray Stitch

Yeah! I started teaching Machine Embroidery classes at Ray Stitch in January 2016 and taught my second class last night with some lovely sewing enthusiasts.

The lovely ladies in the January class learning how to sew pin-tucks
I have devised a set of classes that are aimed at people who want to learn new manipulation or machine embroidery techniques that can be applied to their own projects. The sessions are 3 hours starting at 6.30pm - 9.30pm and the price is £55.

 February's class had two very lovely ladies to learn how to extend their knowledge of pin-tucks and box pleats
There are four more sessions on the following dates if you would like to join in the fun:
Friday 18th March
Session Three: Machine Applique
Explore machine applique using fusible fabric and a sewing machine to produce creative designs that could be applied to furnishing, fashion or craft projects.

Friday 22nd April
Session Four: Cut-Work / Reverse Appliqué
Develop your decorative sewing machine skills further with cut-work. This technique is also known as reverse appliqué. You will be taught how to create beautiful textile samples using a domestic sewing machine with layers of fabric that get cut-away to build up a decorative pattern. This technique could be applied to fashion, furnishing or craft projects to add texture and interest. 

Friday 27th May
Session Five: Faux Chenille

Exploring properties of bias fabric you will create some exciting faux-chenille samples using a range of cottons and man-made fabrics that fray. This technique works really well for furnishing and quilting projects.

Friday 17th June 
Session Six: Free-hand Machine Embroidery
Learn how to produce beautiful machine embroidery using a domestic sewing machine. You will be taught the basic free-hand machine techniques and how to experiment using different threads and materials. You will also explore simple machine couching.


  1. How exciting, your classes sound really fun.

    1. Thanks Louise. I had fun planning the sessions and have really enjoyed teaching them ; )

  2. Good to hear you are enjoying teaching the classes! I did a class at Ray Stitch recently and thought it was a lovely venue. Do you think the cut work/reverse applique would work for a garment that had an under lining?

    1. Hi Alex- yes, cutwork would work with a garment that was underlined. You would just need to take real care not to snip / cut through the under-lining when doing the delicate cutwork to remove the top layer of fabric.