Monday, 21 December 2015

Grainline Scout tee in Knit!

Yeah! This is my first ever successful knit garment and I am now beginning to wonder why I was so worried about sewing with jersey fabric. I can only put my nervousness down to some not-so-fun experiences 'trying' to make garments with knit fabric in the 1990's.

Back to my new top. The success is down to the lovely Girl Charlee UK fabric which I won in the raffle at Sewbrum in October and secondly down to the great TNT pattern that is the Scout tee from Grainline. If you are familiar with Jen's Grainline patterns this simple tee shirt is originally designed for woven fabrics but I cut it out in the knit and sewed it with a generous seam allowance.

So how did I overcome my aversion to knit? Every month I attend the Freestyle session at Ray Stitch and the lovely tutor Moyna gave me a few easy pointers about how to sew knit with confidence:
  1. Use a ballpoint needle
  2. Use a small zig-zag (setting 2)
  3. Use a 2.5 stitch length
After experimenting with scraps of fabric I realised I had to just dive in. In terms of construction as this was my sixth Scout tee I knew what I was doing. As I was sewing with a knit I chose to sew the sleeves flat.

I free-styled the length of the sleeves and also added a cuff to finish the hems. I also widened the self-bias neck binding so it created a deeper cuff. I top-stitched using a zig-zag (I'm not 100% happy with). Overall I love it!

Have you ever overcome a sewing nemesis?

I have not hemmed it because I haven't decided on the length yet

The neckline with a deeper cuff and top-stitched with a small zig-zag stitch
The sleeve cuffs - I managed to aline with the sleeve seam perfectly - what a fluke!


  1. Well done you. Looks great. I felt exactly the same starting out with knits. I love them now. The first attempt had to go in the bin! This looks great. I top stich in a three stage zig-zag and I think it looks rather cool. Next stage- over locker!

    1. Thanks Louise - I really enjoyed the speed of this make!

  2. Well done Caroline! It looks great :) I might call on you when I finally give knits a go!

    1. Thanks Alex. I've only made one so I'm definitely a beginner