Saturday, 21 November 2015

Liberty in Fashion at the Fashion and Textiles Museum

I enjoyed a wonderful evening with friends (Alex and Kris) admiring the vast collection of Liberty at the Fashion and Textiles Museum. Displayed in chronological order and in themes such as smocking, tea-dresses or shift dresses.

For the classic Liberty print fan there is lots here to enjoy. What I found more interesting were some of the collaborations with other designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Bernard Nevill. My favourite prints are in the collage above and here is a great collection of the rest of the exhibition.

Liberty print silk Kimono - circa 1920's
1920's and 1930's delicate floral printed dresses
'Art Nouveau Revival' 1960's dresses in bright bold prints
Beautiful printed silk 1960's shirt dress
Silk gowns printed using original 1890's Liberty wood blocks re-printed in modern 1960's colours 
1960's dresses
My favourite detailing on all the things I saw in the show - such a pretty button placket on the right of the 1970's dress
Velvet and cotton printed 1970's dress
Pretty asymmetrical waist detailing on this 1970's dress
Delicate ruffles on the bodice of this 1970's dress designed in collaboration with Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell
I loved the pin-tucked bodice of this cute little dress from the 1990's
Vivienne Westwood dress in this fresh floral Liberty print
 It is a real gem of a show.  It is open until the end of February 2016 and I would recommend spending a hour enjoying the history of Liberty in Fashion.


  1. Looks like. Great exhibition. That velvet one looks so opulent.

    1. Hi Louise, yes it was a really lovely exhibition. The velvet dress was very nice. The construction of many garments were so interesting too.

  2. Thanks again for organising Caroline! A really lovely evening, was wonderful to be able to get up pretty close and figure out some of the construction details. Plenty of inspiration for future projects!

    1. Hey, my pleasure Alex. It was a lovely evening. And you are right we have plenty of inspiration for our next makes now!