Saturday, 23 May 2015

Marilla Walker's Ilsley skirt

I love Marilla's creative approach to clothes-making and her garments are so carefully thought out and versatile. I have been reading Marilla's blog for a while so when she launched her free skirt pattern the Ilsley I was excited to make one.

I had the perfect grey linen in my stash (that had originally been destined for my McCall's 6696 shirtdress) which had the right sort of weight and structure for a skirt of this nature.

Onto the construction of the Ilsley skirt:

The PDF is only about 15 pages long and Marilla has meticulously planned the tessellation so it uses the least amount of paper as possible. Genius!

Next step was the curved hem, then onto the construction of the pockets which are French seamed for a neat finish. Finally sew up the side seams and attach the waistband and there you have a beautifully finished elasticated skirt!

I love it. It is so comfortable.
Depending on the fabric you use it can have a totally different look. I image it would be super-chilled out in a very soft sweatshirt knit or much smarter in a cotton sateen.
Overall it is a lovely skirt and I can see a few more in my wardrobe by the time Me-Made-May 2016 comes around.

The crazy / beautiful 1970's shirt was another purchase from the vintage stall from Camden Passage in Islington last week.
It was £10 because it has a few tears and holes in it. I will need to repair / re-style it so I can wear it without the fear of it disintegrating on me. It is made from a beautiful sheer cotton muslim but has seen better days under the arm and on the button holes. Looks like I have another vintage pledge project to get creative with!


  1. Firstly that shirt is beautiful. Enjoy playing with that! I'd overlooked this skirt pattern but yours is lovely, I am a huge fan of elastic waists so much more comfy.

    1. Yes, the Ilsley skirt is a lovely pattern. I am looking forward to making some more versions.
      I am excited about up-cycling my 1970's shirt too x

  2. You are on quite the sewing roll at the moment! I'm very impressed with the clever use of space on the PDF pattern - I prefer PDF to paper patterns but do often feel like a lot of paper gets wasted so it is great to a designer doing such a good job to minimise that. Lovely shirt too, good luck with the repairs/re-style!

    1. Yes I have been on a bit of a sewing roll x Things are going to slow down soon as I'm back on the house DIY this week and for the foreseeable few weeks x
      Will try to squeeze in my shirt re-fashion though - hopefully shouldn't take too long (famous last words).

  3. I like your new skirt! It does look really comfortable but also stylish! :) And the blouse looks great, what a fabric! I hope you can make the best out of it! :)

    1. Thanks x Yes it is mega-comfy. I'm looking forward to re-fashioning my shirt.