Friday, 16 January 2015

Neon lights and Elizabeth I

My good friend and I took some time out to enjoy the last few days of the Neon artwork at the Lights of Soho gallery. The exhibition centred around the late God's Own Junkyard artist, Chris Bracey who mastered the magic of Neon adverts during a 40-year career in advertising and commissioned artworks (read more here).

Afterwards we popped over to the National Portrait Gallery for the Late Shift and got involved in the weekly free drawing workshop there. The theme for the evening was to select a figure from any portrait then transport them into a different environment (background). It was such a relaxing way to spend an hour or two. We chose the Tudors Gallery and decided to sketch Elizabeth I.
The portrait I chose dated from 1588 (an adult Elizabeth) and my friends was around 20 years earlier and showed her as a girl.
What do you think? Look at the beautiful details on her costume! Such bling....


  1. Great drawings! You've clearly got a lot of patience judging from all those details. I've been to the drop in drawing at the NPG a few times, a lovely relaxing way to end the working week :)

    1. We should arrange to go together next time! Drop me an e-mail text me if you fancy one in the next month or so ; )
      I agree that it totally relaxes you after a hard week x

    2. Sounds like a plan, will do :)

  2. Oh I'm gutted to have missed the Neon lights exhibition, it looks amazing! xx