Sunday, 9 November 2014

McCalls M6696 shirtdress progress

Part two of the Ray Stitch McCalls M6696 shirtdress was really enjoyable. Due to the crazy state of my house renovations I was unable to use a sewing machine to complete my homework - I hand basted everything in place. Luckily I managed to catch up on my homework by getting to Ray Stitch a little bit earlier and cheekily asked if I could use a machine to catch up. Thanks Ray Stitch!

So, what did I manage to get done on Tuesday? As you know from the previous post the M6696 is pretty pattern piece heavy and there are lots of individual steps.
This is what I achieved between 6pm - 9.30pm (including my homework):
  • Attached the external back yoke to the altered back piece
  • Sewed the side seams of the bodice
  • Sewed the shoulder seams
  • Attached the internal back yoke
  • Trimmed the side seams and applied satin bias binding
  • Hand-stitched the internal yoke
  • Attached the external waistband
  • Created two simple pleats facing outwards on the back piece to take out the extra material left from the removal of the gathering
  • Attached the internal waistband
  • Sewn sleeve seams
  • Gathered the top of sleeves
  • Sew the four skirt darts
  • Attach the pocket linings
  • Under-stitch the pocket linings
  • Attach the pockets
Woah! When you list it like this it looks like I was working like a maniac! Unfortunately I haven't been able to do any sewing this weekend due to a number of DIY house chores (fixing-leaking-roof kind-of-stuff) and preparing for next week at work where I will be having Senior Management reviewing the department (scary!).

Here is a sneak peak of the bodice with lovely neat bias-bound seams and the black spotty contrast cotton. You can also see one of the two small pleats I added to take out the fullness of the lower back.
Fingers crossed I can be a speedy sewer again on Tuesday to get to the final stage of the shirtdress.


  1. Loving your work! Nice to see some autumn makes happening, i'm still in summer mode! Starting the sweatshirt this week though, so super excited!

    1. Thanks Sophie. Yes the weather has suddenly turned from what has probably been the mildest Autumn ever to a little nip in the air. Hopefully this dress will be nice and cosy with some lovely chunky tights and some brogues.

  2. Great progress in just one evening, looking forward to seeing the finished dress!

    1. Thanks Alex - yes still A LOT of hand sewing still left to do!

  3. Wow, that was a really productive day!! I try not to buy the same kind of pattern twice but I seem to make an exception with shirt dresses - I have several! Really looking forward to seeing your finished dress :)