Sunday, 26 October 2014

Coat fabric research

In a week or two I will be embarking on an exciting adventure that is outer garment making. Yes, I will be making my first ever winter coat. I have decided I need help in this area so signed up for a workshop at Sew Over It at their Clapham shop.
Lisa Comfort of Sew Over It designed the coat based on a 1960's silhouette which I think is really simple and stylish. Here she is below modelling two versions:

I am not sure whether to go for a statement bold coloured coat or a more neutral colour?!
I have collected a few samples of 100% wool coating from MacCulloch & Wallis, John Lewis and Shaukat so far.

I love the idea of making a striped, checked or dogtooth coat but recognise that I really should just cover the basics of making a coat first without making it too difficult for myself by adding stripe or pattern matching into the mix.

The 100% boiled wools in the left middle and centre bottom look gorgeous but at the moment I am veering towards the navy and white herringbone fabric at the bottom right. It feels lovely and I am thinking of adding a very bright coloured lining to make it a little bit special.

I am taking a trip to Gold Hawk Road on Friday to do some more research (and hopefully find some cheaper versions). The costings of the 100% wool fabric from the above shops range between £17 - £30 per metre so I can't afford to make a mistake when I need 3 metres to make this coat!

What colour do you think I should go for?
Any suggestions for shops that sell 100% wool fabric in London?


  1. Argh, I'm so jealous that you're taking this course! I spent ages searching through the Sew Over It site this morning to see if they were selling that coat pattern separately yet and really wished I could take that class. Hope you really have fun and learn some great techniques :)
    I'm hoping to try making a coat soon too, so will be very interested to hear more about your fabric research :) The herringbone looks lovely, really classic for this style of coat.

    1. Hi Sue I expect I will be updating my progress and when I've finished perhaps I can send you my pattern to trace from and then you can ,make your own version ; )

    2. That would be amazing! I could send you something to trace or try out too in exchange :) Good luck with finding the right (hopefully not too expensive!) fabric!

  2. Very jealous here, too! Looking forward to seeing what you make. On a different note, a handful of us are meeting for fabric shopping and catch up on Sat 15th Nov if you're around..? Will forward the email to you, but don't have yours - kitchentablesewing@gmail

    1. Hi Janet - Yes I am around for a meet-up - it would be great to see you all ; ) I'll e-mail you my details.