Monday, 28 April 2014

Pretty Polly?

So I've managed to cobble together a new top because:

a) I'd love a warmer weather top to wear with plain skirts / jeans (I live in hope)
b) I wanted another something me-made for next months MMM challenge
c) It's my first foray into the By Hand London indie pattern-istas and I've been meaning to make something of theirs forever!
d) I wanted to incorporate the lovely Designer's Guild fabric (in the centre section) into something and it was too small for anything else

Here is the journey of how this Polly top was born! Free pattern download here. 

Step one - Friday Evening - Cut out all the PDF printed A4 papers on the train from London to Leeds.

Step two - Friday Night -  Stick together all the A4 pages whilst relaxing in a Leeds hotel watching trashy TV in bed with PJ's on - the bliss.

Step three - Saturday Morning - Lay out pattern pieces on fabric and cut out.

Step Four - Sunday Lunchtime - Pin and hand tack the insert panel-piece on return journey from Leeds to London.

Step four - Sunday Evening - At home, got out my sewing machine to whizz up the main seams of the Polly top using a long stitch.

Step five - Sunday Night - Lop off about 3 cm from each side seam and re-pin. When happy, re-sew using French Seams. Then reduce shoulder seam by about 2.5cm.

To be completely honest at this point I was sort of randomly pinning and re-stitching to get it to fit better.

Step six - Sunday Bedtime - Realise I should have cut a different size to begin with but hey, I got there in the end!

The bottom of the top has sort of flared out a touch and it may be to do with my shop-bought stash busted bias-binding (I was too lazy to make my own at the weekend) or that the two different fabrics are sort of not being too friendly or compatiable with each other. Either way I can wear this top with a palin skirt or jeans when (or if) the sun comes out.
I'm also not 100% happy with the placement of the centre panel but fabric restrictions on the grainline were a bit limited... oh well....

What do you think?

The finished Polly top with a Designer's Guild centre panel.
The outer shell is a lovely soft cotton from Samuel Taylors in Leeds.
My Clematis co-ordinates with my new Polly top! 


  1. Cool top! Great use of the Designer's Guild panel too - it really works with the busy print behind it.

  2. What a fun top! Love your print pairing!

    1. Thanks Sonja when I saw the busy ikat print I knew it would be a perfect match - funny how you can hold colour stories in your head when shopping for fabric - the colours really work together.