Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Music and DIY

I have had a jam-packed month or two with lots of things happening at home, work and getting the chance to squeeze lots other things in too - just not ANY sewing stuff!

Let's start with the Music

I went to see the US band called Warpaint at the O2 Brixton Academy on 30th November. They were great; the only downside was my friend Mel needed to get the 11.05pm train out of London so we left the gig at 10.30pm only to find the underground had ground to a halt due to an incident... Soooo we grabbed a cab but there was a diversion on the way to Kings Cross. Mel missed her train. We could have stayed for the whole set after all!! Annoying...

Warpaint image from standard.co.uk
Check out their music here: http://warpaintwarpaint.com/

The second musical foray was after a crazy few days at work during an Ofsted inspection. Chance tickets for The Killers was on the cards - It was meant to be! The Hammersmith Oppollo was an excellent venue - a great atmosphere and amazing showmanship from Mr. Brandon Flowers...

The mad crazy DIY

Its a case of a classic do-it-yourself attitude with house renovation... Let's just knock this built in wardrobe out and see how the room looks.... and then you can't get away from the fact you now have a huge gap in the wooden floor. 

Oh, and yes the ceiling dips slightly in the middle - well we had better get that down to re-board and plaster. Two weeks of dust, rubble, swearing and bags and bags of plaster later and we have a nice freshly plastered room. My boyfriends dad and I did the manual labour a friend of the family did the plastering. Looking forward to painting it over the Christmas holidays.


  1. Yikes! What is it about DIY that make the place look worse before better. I agree though, once there's just painting to do you are on the home straight!

    1. Yes I'm looking forward to the painting. Still got a way to go yet ; )