Friday, 30 August 2013

How do you store your PDf patterns?

Over the past few months I have built up a very small collection of sewing patterns, some of which I have used and some are on the long list of creative things to do.

Paper Patterns:
Simplcity 2154 - Red pencil skirt completed August 2013
New Look K6123 dress - To do list
Colette Ginger skirt - Cerise bias skirt completed August 2013
Colette Laurel dress- Fabric cut for the top and ready to sew
Sewaholic Crescent skirt - To do list
Traditional sewing patterns are easy to store and file because they have an envelope with an image on the front for easy identification, whereas PDF patterns can be easily mixed up or sections lost / mixed with other PDF patterns.
Today I organised my PDF patterns into these lovely double pocket plastic files (from Paperchase 3 for 2 right now!) that have a section for the instructions and for the assembled paper pattern.
A very satisfying, quick and low budget job; and look how pretty they look in their coloured files!

PDF Patterns:
Colette Laurel dress variations booklet
Colette Sorbetto top - Version one completed July 2013, version two August 2013 and fabric cut for version three....
Tilly's Mathilde blouse - Completed July 2013
Grainline Archer shirt - Paper pattern assembled, just need to select a fabric....
Grainline Scout Woven Tee - Fabric cut out and ready to sew.....

How do you store your PDF patterns once they have been assembled?


  1. That is smart! Mine are just clipped together and laid out on a table. Fine since we don't use that table, but not very compact. (ps, I loved your comment on my blog and responded to you).

  2. You are lucky to have a table free to do your sewing-thang! Ha, glad you liked my comment on your blog : )

  3. That's a great idea - once I've traced mine (I'm a tracer not a cutter!) I awkwardly fold the taped pattern into an approximate A4 pile and they are all then piled together and tied up with a big ribbon. I'd thought about rolling them too - there's no compact answer I think! I'm ruthless if the pattern isn't good for me - it gets chucked!