Saturday, 31 August 2013

Black spotty Scout Woven Tee

This is the first Grainline garment I have made (the Archer button-up shirt is next in line) and the construction was made really easy with simple instructions and a visual guide via Jen's blog at Grainline.

I have seen loads of cool versions of the Scout Woven Tee on various blog pages and my favourite versions have to be:

1. Dark grey spot version at Stitch and Witter
2. Black and white geometric print version at When all you need is..
3. Colourful geometric print version at Sown Brooklyn

Back to the Tee. I cut it out yesterday to save me the boring job of assembling the PDF paper pattern and cutting out the fabric so I could go full-belt on sewing duties today. It took me about two and a half hours to construct the Tee because I got a bit confused with the neckline and had to refer to some online tutorials to guide me through. I don't think I did it correctly but it looks OK in the end.
I added my own bias binding to the sleeves to match the neckline.

The size of the bias binding doesn't quite match at the neck
and sleeves so I should call it a 'wearable muslim', right?!
Alterations I made straight on the paper pattern were:

  1. I cut the smallest size at the shoulders, graded to the next size up for the bust area and the next size up again for the hips (as an experiment) It seemed to work. I have quite narrow shoulders and it fits beautifully around the neckline and shoulders.
  2. I also created the classic Hi-Lo hemline. Next time I will need to lengthen the body to sit a bit lower. At the moment it hangs just a bit too high for my liking.

The hemline isn't wonky a big gust of wind blew it as I was taking the shot.
Although I have seen many images of the Scout Tee I suppose I didn't realise how loose fitting it would be and the back of the Tee has a lot of loose fabric that doesn't hang as nicely as I would like. Maybe it will drape better after a wash... who knows?!

I have tried wearing it with a belt and it looks quite nice, but I think the whole point of this Tee is that its supposed to be a loose fitting easy to wear top. Next time I may try to bring it in at the side seams towards the bottom of the Tee (maybe I didn't need to grade to the larger size for the hips considering the fit is so wide anyway?).

Any suggestions about how to adjust the fit so its not soooo loose fitting at the back?


  1. I see the tee doesn't have a centre back seam, you could create one and take out width that way :)

  2. Hi Zoe, thanks that sounds like a great idea. I might give that a go (although I will have to unpick the bias binding on the neckline) it would be worth it to get a more comfortable fit.

    1. Yes you would have to unpick the bias binding unfortunately :/ But at least this way you can take as much as you want out of the bottom of the shirt without changing the width of the neckline!

    2. Good thinking. I think I will tackle it tomorrow.
      I just checked out the things you have made this month on your blog and I have left you some comments.
      You have made some wonderful things Zoe!

  3. Hi Caroline! Thanks for popping by my blog! You've made some lovely things, I love your Matilde fabric! This Scout looks great too, I do love a spot! I think taking. Wedge of fabric out of the centre back is a great idea. I guess you're unlikely to wear something if you think the fit is not great, so it's worth the risk to try it with this top I think. If worse comes to worse you could reinvent it into another Sorbetto! I do love these simple patterns as they make a gorgeous fabric shine! Sarah :)

    1. You are very welcome : ) I thought you had some great stuff on your blog too!
      I think I will have a go at adding a centre back dart to take out some of the excess fabric... I will update you on the blog if it goes well.

  4. Looks great on the hanger!! Maybe you could just take in the side seams a bit, might help make the back less billowy. Great fabric, love polka dots.

    1. Yes I did think of that one too - although I have French seamed the side seams which will be a pain to do. Might go for the centre back seam idea and then when I make my next Scout Tee taper the side seams so its not so wide at the hemline. Thanks for the feedback : )