Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tatty Devine Workshop

I was really excited to book a workshop at Tatty Devine's main studio near Brick Lane but a couple of days before the workshop I was told it had been cancelled. I received a full refund AND the chance to go to the 'bunting' workshop free of charge - wahooo!

The workshop ran from 10am - 11.30am so I had a reasonable early start and headed out on the Circle line to Liverpool Street. It a brisk walk from here but the sun was out and I enjoyed the walk past some of the cool cafes, pop-up shops and vintage boutiques around Brick Lane.

The workshop was help in the Brick Lane store and there were pots and pots of little laser-cut bunting pieces in all colours of the rainbow. The hardest thing to do was to decide the colour combination of the necklace. Once the fiddly job of opening and closing the 'junk rings' was mastered there was no stopping me.

Here is the final necklace! What do you think? What colour combinations would you go for?


  1. Wow what a fun and summery necklace. It sounds like you had a good time at the workshop (even though the original one was cancelled).
    I'd have probably made one in shades of blue - might have channelled a bit of ombre in there too.

  2. Thanks Emma Jayne! I guessed you would go for a blue necklace after reading your blog - it is a good colour for you too : )
    I found it difficult to choose just one colour - hence the rainbow necklace!!