Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bright Lands exhibition Dulwich Picture Gallery

Last summer I enjoyed the 'Into the Wild' art course with artist Liz Charsley-Jory and produced five oil pastel studies of the trees and woodland of Dulwich Park. A month or so ago I was contacted by the staff at Dulwich Picture Gallery asking if they could use an image of one of my pieces of work in Liz Charsley-Jory's exhibition to show the diversity of workshops she has provided during her residency at the Gallery. I was delighted to say yes and took the journey out to Dulwich village on the 19th May to see the exhibition and visit the Dulwich Festival Artist Open Houses too.

The Bright Land Exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Liz's work is influenced by the 'Group of Seven' Canadian artists who were influenced by the majestic landscapes of Canada and worked outdoors. They worked during the 1920's - 1930's and stove to capture the light and bold structures of the landscape and felt that it should be captured whilst being 'close to nature'.

Tom Thomson - The Jack Pine

Liz Charsley-Jory

My work is on display in the exhibition (right hand side single birch tree)

The Dulwich Festival Open Houses - Graffiti House

This was a brilliant gem. Street artists such as: Phil Ashcroft, Thierry Noir, Phlegm, Remi Rough, Run and Stik were given permission to decorate an abandoned house on Lordship Lane. It was open to the public for two weekends and the house was filled inside and out with mad, crazy and awesome graffiti and street art.

Here are a few photos of the best bits:

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