Saturday, 15 September 2012

Etchings from Summer School 2012

I attended a three day etching workshop at the Putney School of Art during the last few days of July 2012.

The tutor was Chris Roantree, a graduate of the Royal College of Art whose work is really surreal and a little bit spooky - very cool!
There is an example of Chris' work on the left so you can decide for yourselves what you think.

My work is not really like Chris' style but I was influenced to take a more creative approach to my etchings by adding more imagery and darker more subversive elements to my work.

The plate below took me two days to develop.

Day One
I started with a hard-ground free style sketch then added texture using soft-ground.
I placed objects like crumpled tin-foil, clingfilm, rubber bands and bubble wrap ontop of sections of the plate to create the textures you can see in the work.

Day Two
I added tone by aqua-tinting the plate and building up to the darkest tones by leaving them exposed to the nitric acid the longest.
Timings for the aqua-tint tones were:
Soft grey: 30 seconds
Mid grey: 45 seconds
Dark grey: 60 seconds
Black: 90 seconds

The red section you see on the skull was created by using a technique called Chin-colle

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